Janet Yellen to CBS News Face the Nation

No doubt, the Biden administration felt an pressing want to provide a reassuring presence and clear statements about the give way of Silicon Valley Bank, and the destiny of all its depositors, and deployed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to CBS News’ Face the Nation.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to CBS News’ Face the Nation.

Unfortunately, Janet Yellen to CBS News Face the Nation the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the SVB managers are nonetheless hashing out the bank’s destiny this Sunday morning, and both Yellen doesn’t be aware of or can’t say what will appear next. So her look amounted to a lot of insisting that the was once no purpose for all people to worry, that the U.S. banking device was once robust and secure, and that past that, she couldn’t reply many questions with any details.

Janet Yellen to CBS News Face the Nation

On whether or not the U.S. authorities will want to intervene and take emergency measures due to the fact of SVB failure: “I’ve been working all weekend with our banking regulators to format excellent insurance policies to tackle this situation. I can’t definitely supply in addition important points at this time.”


On whether or not depositors will be paid lower back in full: “Look, I’m now not going to remark on the important points of the scenario at this point. I certainly favor to say that we’re very conscious of the troubles that depositors will have, many of them are small organizations that rent human beings throughout the country.”


On the have an impact on on Silicon Valley and technological innovation: “So, I without a doubt can’t remark on what the influence will be. I suppose it relies upon on how this scenario is resolved. And that’s some thing that we’re working on.”


On whether or not there are symptoms the financial institution was once poorly managed: “The FDIC has positioned this financial institution in receivership and will be working over the weekend to control its resolution. And in the meantime, I truely can’t remark on important points about the state of affairs of this bank.”


On whether or not the Federal Reserve will be in a position to proceed elevating pastime costs if there’s a good sized chance to regional banks: “Well, Margaret, the Federal Reserve is unbiased and charged with making judgments about what the gorgeous path of motion is, to tackle economic risks, and additionally to gain their inflation and employment goals. And I’m now not going to remark on what the excellent response is for them.”


This raises the query of whether or not it’s well worth it to ship a cupboard reputable out to the Sunday suggests if that reliable can’t talk about the depend in any full-size detail. And whether or not all of us felt reassured listening to Yellen say, over and over again, that she couldn’t remark any further.

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